Logic and translation

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Voltage Level Translation

Unidirectional, direction-controlled, and auto bidirectional voltage translation to ensure proper system communication.


Buffers and inverters provide increased current drive and improve system signal integrity.


Direction-controlled devices to enable bidirectional communication and improve signal integrity.


Standard logic gate functions in a variety of packages and channel counts.

Flip-Flops / Latches / Registers

Flip-flops, latches, and registers to support data retention and I/O expansion.

Specialty Logic

Logic devices to support digital signal routing and data manipulation.

Q100 logic and translation

TI has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of automotive logic and translation products in the industry. Choose from a broad range of AEC-Q100 qualified logic and translation products to design high-quality and reliable automotive systems.

Automotive Q100 logic and translation

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The Logic Minute video series

Some logic design challenges are prevalent across many systems. In The Logic Minute video series, we discuss common design challenges that can be addressed using logic devices. Watch now to better understand the problem and get one or more solutions to these issues.